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Have you ever heard about bitcoin?

Created by Kues1 - Freepik.com — by Kues1
Created by Kues1 - Freepik.com — by Kues1

I am quite sure I am one of the first persons in my environment that is learning about bitcoin. I already brought up the word bitcoin a few times to my friends and the reactions were unfortunately not really positive. I was a little bit surprised and honestly also a little disappointed that they were not sharing the same enthusiasm on this subject. Depending on where you live in this world I am sure that a lot of you also received the same reaction from people near to you.

The biggest factor that causes this negative reaction is the fact that all these people don’t have the necessary knowledge to talk about this new technology and to create a strong opinion about it. That’s totally understandable.

In order to make cryptocurrency mainstream it is therefore extremely important to educate as much people as possible about this astonishing technology.

If you google bitcoin, you will find a lot of explanations. Some are quite decent, but the biggest part are too technically or too detailed. That’s why so many people don’t understand what it’s actually about. If I tell my father that bitcoin is network money that is decentralized and open source, he will respond this is only for very smart and wealthy people as lawyers, stockbrokers, bankers and certainly not for normal people as him.

We can do better than this. Let’s use the same language as you and me to guide people through this new exciting future.

Let’s make cryptocurrency plain and simple.

This article was originally published on @belli