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Is this the beginning of the end?

Buy these tomatoes (coins) on sale! — by Isabelle Heylen
Buy these tomatoes (coins) on sale! — by Isabelle Heylen

Have you also spilled your coffee after having a look at the market this morning? An image of a bunch of people swimming in a ton of tomatoes during the yearly festival in Pamplona (Spain) appeared on my mind. All red, red, red and tomatoes. In a fraction of a second I saw a part of my savings all vanished. Luckily the cafeine did his work and my head became clear again.

A red market does not need to scare you. It’s actually the opposite. It’s like going shopping in sale. So many nice opportunities with great discounts. If you were waiting to get into a certain coin or token. Now is the time. Still not convinced? Afraid that the market will still go further down. It might, but it will also be possible, it will recover as fast as it went down.

Do you think this is the beginning of the end of crypto? Nobody can predict the future, but I am quite sure this will not be the case. First of all, this fall down happens every year in crypto. A few weeks before the Chinese new year. Most Asian crypto investors take profits to buy gifts and travel to their amily. Asians still rule the cryptomarket. Therefore we see now the same dip as we saw just before Christmas when we were buying gifts and were taking our profits.

Bitcoin will not go to zero, so please HODL your investments and just be patient. Buy the coins and tokens that you like with a nice discount and afterwards go out and do something nice with your family and friends. Avoid sticking to your screen and refreshing it again and again and again.

Remember every day the big exchanges have thousands new persons registering to buy their first bitcoin or ethereum. Goldman Sachs is setting up a trading desk for cryptocurrency that will be up and running before the summer. The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) has launched Bitcoin futures late november 2017. These big players would never invest their time and money into something that has no potential.

Keep the panic away by shopping your favorite coins on sale and having a nice evening with your friends and family.

This article was originally published on @belli